Lerpa [Lerpa]


[Chapel of St. Mary Help of Christians]

Lerpa Village - Historic Center

Class Type C.2

Date: 1815

Catalog 1.01

The chapel of the Lerpa village was built in 1815 by Giovanni Battista Maria Solero Ortar, following his return from the Russian campaign in which he took part after being recruited by the Napoleonic troops against his will. The chapel, originally dedicated to St. John the Baptist, was rededicated to St. Mary Help of Christians in 1954.

The building has a simple structure, with a slanted two-pitch roof and a small presbytery that protrudes from the main hall. At the end of the presbytery there is a wooden altar with a 20th century statue of the Virgin Mary. On the fašade, a small, centered window houses the bell that was previously in a small belfry since demolished. The ceiling vaults are decorated with simple but elegant white stucco on a blue background.