Cottern [Kottrn]

dr'Idan - Spussn Haus / Stol

Cottern Village - historical center (No. 20)

Class Type A.2^B.1

Date: 2nd half of 18th Century

Catalog 7.04

Classic plan house with attached stable/hay-loft. Because the building was located next to the old road, the traditional ramp bridge (prýcke) leading to the hay-loft had to be placed on the side. In the early 1900s, Scholar A. Baragiola regarded this complex as one of the most notable architectural structures of Sappada (La casa villereccia delle colonie tedesche del gruppo carnico - Sappada, Sauris e Timau, Padova, F.lli Drucker ed. - Chiasso, Tip. Tettamanti, 1915 (La casa villereccia di Sappada: pp. 5-19)). The stable/hay-loft was recently renovated and turned into a residential home.