Hoffe [Hóuve]

Hˇuvarmaindl [Chapel of Saint John Bosco]

Hoffe Village - historical center

Class Type C.2

Date: 1856; rebuilt 1954

Catalog 8.01

This small chapel in the Hoffe neighborhood was built in 1846 and was dedicated to the Holy Trinity. It was rededicated to St. John Bosco, outfitted with a new statue of the saint and blessed on January 31, 1937 (the first mass was celebrated the next day). It was subsequently demolished to accommodate changes in the street layout but was rebuilt in 1954 on the initiative of Mr. Geremia Cecconi.

The building has a graceful and slender appearance, with a slanted two-pitch roof and a small central belfry. Six small windows illuminate the interior. A small apse protrudes from the main hall. The apse has a wooden altar with a statue of St. John Bosco. On the fašade, a round image of the saint and an inscription were recently placed as reminders of the chapel's dedication. The roof and the walls are decorated with modern, simple frescoes representing the symbols of the Evangelists and other symbols related to Christ and the Eucarist (such as the Pelican, the Lamb, the Anchor, and the Sacred Heart). The basin of the apse, instead, is decorated with an image of the Virgin Mary and the Baby Jesus surrounded by light.