Hoffe [Hóuve]

s'ZŔnzn Haus

Hoffe Village - historical center (No. 12)

Class Type A.23p

Date: 18th/19 th Century (1808)

Catalog 8.06

Rare example of a three-story, traditional-style Sappada house. The masonry annex (still with its original shingle roof) protruding from the Northern side was originally a private chapel used regularly until the end of the First World War. The stone architrave of the Western entrance door carries an inscription with the date of 1808. It is likely that this date refers to the expansion or renovation of the building, or perhaps to the erection of the chapel, while the general structure of the complex could date to the century before.

The original balconies have survived only on the fašade, while on the West side there are two surviving stretches of the balcony by the exits of the corridors on the second and third floors. On the eastern side, instead, the surviving stretches seem to have been enclosed into a turret and covered with round wooden shingles like the rest of the Eastern side. This change dates to the middle of the 19th century.