Cima Sappada [Zepódn]

Zepódarkirche [Church of St. Oswald]

Cima Sappada Village - historical center

Class Type C.1

Date: 1732; 1773

Catalog 15.01

The small church of St. Oswald was originally built in 1732, and then was rebuilt and enlarged in 1773. It has an open, front porch. The church was restored numerous times, notably in 1819, in 1906, in 1954 and again in 1970-71. During this renovation the high altar and the ambo were entirely redone and the internal space was rearranged to accomodate more people.

An anonymous artist made the 1906 altar-piece representing St. Oswald. On the sides of the presbytery there are some paintings by anonymous artists, which include Jesus crucified between the Virgin Mary and St. John the Evangelist (Southern wall). On the ceiling of the presbytery one can see a fresco of the Virgin Mary in Heaven. The altar of the Southern chapel displays a 20th century statue of the Virgin Mary, while the altar on the Northern wall has a painting with St. Joseph, St. Anthony of Padua and the Holy Trinity.

The latest renovation, carried out in celebration of the Holy Year of 2000, led to the discovery, on the keystone of the presbytery arch, of the inscription: "DEDICATIO AECCLESIAE / CELEBRATVR / DOMINICA 2DA AVGVSTI / 1753" painted in fresco. During the same renovation new stained-glass windows were also made and installed; one of them represents the departure of the traditional procession from Luggau (Southern side).