Granvilla [Dorf]

Solero Ortar House

Granvilla Village - Historic Center (No. 1)

Date: 1642

Catalog 2.06

The Solero house is the most relevant civil masonry building of Sappada. Previously the manor-house of the Solero family, it is a massive building with a facade marked by the stone architrave of the main entrance and by two mullioned windows on the upper floor. An inscription on the ground floor carries the date 1642.

The interior is organized around a vaulted central stairway surrounded by four side rooms. On the second floor, the central staircase and one room are embellished with a nice wooden frieze on which 18 different grotesque masks are carved among foliage. The work can be attributed to Andrea Brustolon (1662-1732). The SE room (that is traditionally believed to have once hosted Maximilian of Austria) has a lacunar ceiling and is furnished with precious inlaid furniture.