Granvilla [Dorf]

Tjlar Haus / Stol

Granvilla Village - historical center (No. 5, 26)

Class Type A.1-El(E)^B.1

Date: 1766

Catalog 2.08

The Tjlar house is a unique combination of a residence and a stable/hay-loft. The peculiarity of the residential part is in the inverted proportions of the masonry and wooden load-bearing structures. The latter are limited to the third floor, where the front terrace is also located (a smaller balcony, on the second floor, is connected to the cross-sectional corridor on the western side). The lateral addition on the eastern side, instead, is made of wooden beams masked by a layer of plaster. The house, which has a simple plan with a northern corridor, carries the date of 1766 carved on the roof-top beam.

The adjacent stable/hay-loft has notable features as well, including the peculiar niche with two drying racks on the eastern side of the hay-loft and the simple carved decoration on the support structure in the NE corner.