s'NÓzzilan - s'Schýtzn - s'Lˇisn Haus [+ 1967]

Reduced-scale model of the house, realized before the demolition
(courtesy of Hotel Cristina, owner of the model)
SW view

SE view

NE view

NW view

Fašade (South side)

Eastern side

Northern side

Western side

Detail of the 1821 cadastral map.
S'NÓzzilan - s'Schýtzn - s'Lˇisn House, demolished in 1967,
is clearly visible in the middle of the present day village square
(archive of Luigi Piller Cottrer - Sappada)

View of the Hoffe village around 1960.
S'NÓzzilan - s'Schýtzn - s'Lˇisn House soars among the neighboring houses
(Courtesy of Marino Piller Hoffer - Sappada,)

s'NÓzzilan - s'Schýtzn - s'Lˇisn Haus [+ 1967]