s'IÓcklars Haus

SW view

Western side

GÚd(e)nle (a characteristic enclosure of part of the balcony) protruding on the western side

Detail of the Western side.
The side entrance door leading to the cross-sectional corridor is visible.

Old toilet drain-pipe.
The toilet, as customary, is located at one end of the balcony.

Detail of the jigsawed decorations of the balcony's railing (Western side)

NE view

Detail of the NE corner

Detail of the small contoured window in the attic's wooden siding, fashioned in a habitual shape.

Detail of the jigsawed decorations of the wooden gable (Northern side)

Old door turned into a window on the eastern side

Contoured corbel supporting the balcony on the East side

s'IÓcklars Haus