Síndar Haus / Stol

SW view

North View.
The picture shows the small access bridge (průcke) on the Northern side

Detail of the East side.
Traces of the old corbels that supported the lateral balcony
are still visible on the wall. On the Northern part
of the wall one can also see the drainpipe of the old toilet,
originally located at the end of the balcony.

Drainpipe next to the Eastern wall.
The surviving drainpipe indicates the position of the old toilet.

Detail of the Western side

Contoured corbel supporting the front balcony

Old small square window (West side)

Transformation of the old balcony door into a window; Northeast corner.

Construction date (1806) carved on the roof-top beam

Detail of a key fastening the rafters above the ridge beam

Interior joint of the beams

Síndar Haus / Stol